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the 6 hospitality podcasts for hospitality students
Podcasts are the perfect partner for daily commutes

As a hospitality student, you’ve got to stay informed with what is going on in the industry today.

Because it ultimately impacts you, if not today, it will eventually when you enter the working world. 

The 6 podcasts that hospitality students should listen to

The list in no specific order, one is not better than the other. There are 100s of hospitality podcasts out there and it is hard to know where to start.

So start here, explore these 6 podcasts and begin learning about the big world of hospitality and get inspired for your future in it!

Hospitality Mavericks



“We are on a mission to inspire leaders and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and restaurant industry to create profitable and heart-centered businesses from the inside out; the kind that both employees and customers love and support.

Here you will find conversations with industry Mavericks who take a value-based approach to running their businesses whilst displaying a fierce passion for our industry.

They Dare to be Different.”

Why We love it:

Discover operators and businessmen and women in the hospitality industry that are doing things the right way, for the benefit of many, not just one. With endless opportunities to make an impact with the work we do in hospitality, get inspired on how you can do more.

Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street



““Hospitality Meets... is your weekly light-hearted look into the stories and journeys that make up the wonderful world of hospitality. Join founder and host Phil Street as he meets people from all walks of life from within the industry from the Founders, the Chefs, the Hotel General Managers and Restaurant Managers to the Engineers, Designers, Financiers and even Politicians.

Phil will be showcasing the sheer diversity of opportunity that exists within the hospitality and the fun you can have along the way all through the wonderful stories that exist in day-to-day life.”

Why We love it:

Human, down to earth conversations about the people of hospitality. Learn how others do business and discover areas of hospitality often not spoken about. Great for students and graduates to help explore their career opportunities!.

Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast



““This is the podcast for anyone and everyone in the Hospitality industry that loves what they do and wants to grow, learn, and experience all the cool things the world of hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals and travel have to offer! On the show you will hear many special guests and special topics in our industry!”

Why We love it:

Specialising in vacation rentals, Will talks to owners, suppliers, brands, and more. Never thought much about vacation rentals? Think again, it is profitable and more flexible than the usual hotel. .

Humans of Hospitality



“This is the humans of hospitality podcast. It’s about the awesome humans, from bakers to chefs, to entrepreneurs, to brewers, to farmers, to musicians and so many more who make our world just a little bit more wonderful.

It’s a place to share our stories and our adventures and celebrate our incredible industry. Where we spend our money has an impact on the world we live in.”

Why We love it:

Another great podcast that brings the human perspective, hence the Humans of Hospitality. I love hearing people’s stories, what they’ve learned and experienced. We are all so different and unique. Explore the small and independent businesses in the UK with Mark.

Meaningful Hospitality



“We are all about using hospitality to create meaningful experiences for your employees and guests.”

Why We love it:

Don’t have much time and looking for practical advice? This is the podcast for you. This is a podcast different from the rest of those on this list. Short episodes with to the point tips and practical actionable advice, no conversations. Short and sweet..

Hospitality Unsettled



“Bridging education & the hospitality industry. We bring together laughter, personal opinions, and a large quantity of hospitality perspective to provide you with an outlook on what is happening, and how you can be more prepared for the future and the role of hospitality in it.”

Why We love it:

Produced by a hospitality graduate of The Hague Hotelschool and is all about exploring those real-life opportunities for hospitality students in the industry and beyond. Also, I am a bit biased as I was a guest on it myself not long ago!

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